Outstanding cloud SOLUTIONS

I help companies to model, implement and manage cloud solutions at Zup IT Innovation

My Experience

I’m an Ex-Amazon, cloud computing specialist and currently work as a principal engineer at Zup Innovation.



Designing exceptional cloud solutions is my expertise. I enjoy solving complex domain problems that are not trivial for most architects. I thrive at producing low-cost deployments that are highly scalable.



I help all levels of organizations implement reliable cloud developments as well as consistent software quality processes.

Do you want to lower your cloud Costs?

I can help! Using cloud providers correctly demands knowledge and experience and that is my expertise.

The Method

1. Domain-Driven Modelling

Apply domain linguistics’ tactics to develop a unified understanding of the problem at hand, which has been at least 200% faster than other companies in the market.

2. Implementation & Deploy

Support developers and architects through consulting and training, and guarantee user satisfaction, fast deliveries and long-term maintainability.

3. Management

Help managers, executives and architects to create a unified plan to coordinate development efforts and guarantee low management overhead and high-quality deployments.

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In this presentation I show the successful software development formula I created for one of the startups I co-founded and worked as a CTO.

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