My Mission

Democratize access to high-quality cloud solutions to all companies, so they can stop worrying about technology and start giving full attention to their business needs.

I have worked as an entrepreneur for many years. Also, I had the opportunity to work at a big tech company. These experiences allowed me to become an expert in lean processes and enterprise architecture requirements, such as compliance and regulatory needs.

MY Clients




High-quality, Fast Deliveries

I have developed a framework of tools and techniques that enables fast deliveries with the highest quality possible. 

My method encompasses many different areas of enterprise software and agile management. It includes the most up to date information on various software engineering topics such as microservices architecture and domain-driven design.

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Since I have worked in many different fields, I know the main pain points in most domains. It becomes easier to tackle challenges and come up with a fast and high-quality solutions. Some of the areas I have worked include:



  • Anti-money laundering & Fraud prevention – Itaú / Zup
  • Retail – Amazon
  • Oil drilling schedule optimization – Petrobras
  • PIX, Brazil’s new instant payment system – Zup / Itaú / Renner
  • Applied machine learning to legal documents – Relevo Lab
  • Portfolio optimization – InvestPro
  • Academic systems – PUC-Rio
  • …and more

Low costs = More money

Using cloud providers without consistent cost control carries a significant risk of the sudden raise on cloud bills. It is common to see companies’ complaints in support forums, asking for billing analysis after developer mistakes have exceeded their allowed budget.


I can help you with that! I’m a cloud specialist and know the details of how to configure your cloud and use the right resources to protect your money


The money you will save will allow you to start new adventures, and you can feel free to call me again!

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Guaranteed satisfaction

As an entrepreneur, I have been in the position where I needed to solve problems from different domains. I felt utterly lost when I needed help but didn’t know who should I contact. I can guarantee you have come to the right place.


Zup IT Innovation is an expert in the field and has solved many large-scale companies’ complex problems. Its strong tech foundations facilitate asking the right questions and solving problems much faster. That is why I work there!


Contact me on the form below and let’s start working together! I’m sure we can help you with what you currently need.

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